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7 Easy and Useful Tips to Improve Your Website's Google Rankings


In the realm online websites competition, if someone is giving away a piece of advice regarding how to increase the position of your website in the Google’s rankings, you should straight away take it. This is how critical it is to earn a higher position in the Google’s search engine. By now, most of the expert marketers are well aware of the ways through which they can increase their website rankings in the search engine. The most evident way to do this is by following the search engine optimizations rules and techniques.

But still, there are some things that need to be emphasized again and again. This is why the social media company Dubai has joined its hand in providing the best and easy tips to improve your website’s Google rankings. They are as follows:

  1. Pay great focus on the keyword phrase

To get a higher position on the Google’s web page, you need to understand how the ranking system works. Also, you need to find out things that help you achieve the top rank on the page. Once of such things and the most important one is the keyword phrase. The keyword phrase is the word that you put inside the content article that you post on your website. It is also the same set of words that the viewers use to search for the thing they want to know about. Thus, if those words are present in your article as well, the search engine shows your article in the top search. It’s an easy way to make your website pop in the search engine, isn’t it?

  1. Social networking helps a lot

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Well, the truth is that a lot of traffic comes from the social media networks these days. Thus, you need to ensure that your content is socially friendly. It needs to have the right images, the content must be spicy and people must enjoy reading it. The social media services Dubai firm confirms the increase in the ranking of the websites owing to the traffic driven by the social media networks. Now, all you have to do along with other SEO jobs is promote the link of your content/ websites on the social platforms like Facebook etc.

  1. Make your design and graphics search friendly

It is often said that a website with a simple and minimalistic design often gets higher ranking on the search engine. It’s because of the ease it offers the viewers. They can search for the things they want easily on the website and with good navigations. And Google likes to create ease for the visitors. Thus, it shows the websites with good design and graphics in the top search.

  1. Keep your meta data up to date

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By adding the Meta data to your website pages, you can enhance the position at which it appears on the search engine. There are two types of Meta data. One is the Meta page title and the other is the Meta description. Every web page must have it own Meta data. As these are the HTML tags that are used in the codes for communication purpose between the search engine and website page, it helps the Google search engine to pick the one that is more appropriate for the visitor’s search.

  1. Test the speed of your website

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According to Kissmetrics, one-second delay in the page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. This is not good at all and the search engine doesn’t like it as well. The Google search engine prefers ranking the websites that have a good loading speed. Thus, you need to test your websites speed through the free testing programs available. Make sure it loads the web page within three seconds. Only then you can earn the right profit.  Also, optimize the code well and remove unnecessary elements from the website. The upgrading of web host also helps in improving the loading speed of the website.


  1. Fix all the broken links

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Hyperlinking and external linking is a must when developing a website. This helps you gain the confidence of the visitors as they get the relevant information by visiting the links you have added. But, sometimes the links get broken. The other website either shuts down or there comes a disturbance in the link. You, as the website developer need to update the website and keep a check on all the links time to time. And also, in the case of redesigning the website, you need to add the setup 301 redirect if you wish to retain the old content.

  1. Post the content with 250 + words

Google only showcases the websites that have a good effect on the visitors. The good impression is often cast by the design of the website but the right amount of content also helps in doing so. Thus, if you want the website to be indexed by Google, you need to add at least 250 words content on the website. A little effort must be put into the visual content as well. The viewers these days like to see images and short videos on the websites as well. Thus, add visual content and see how Google ranks your website at the top.

The digital marketing team needs to be at its best while designing and running a website. There are tons of things that can go wrong and only an efficient team can fix it. Ranking the website among the top ones on a search engine is no big deal. Provided, that you have taken all the right measures for it. The above-mentioned tips are for your betterment. Follow them and you’ll see a visible change in your search engine rankings.

Junaid Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Our guest blog is from Juniad Ali Qureshi. He is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.


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