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3 Ways Your Domain Name May Be Hurting Your Business

So perhaps you are looking to get your business on the web. Good for you! Chances are, you have given some thought to how you want your website to look, what you want it to do, and what some of your online business goals are.

But how much have you thought about your domain name?

Whether you are just about to register a domain for the first time, or you have had one for years, your domain name can play a key factor into how much traffic your website will get.

Think of your website like a house. Your website may be the house’s interior, but your domain makes up the door that gets them into it. And with a bad domain name, your visitors may be locked outside in the cold.

1. Having only one domain

If you only have one domain you are not doing your website any favors, no matter how great it is. Multiple domain names pointed to your website ensures your potential customers find the right place.

Let’s use the house analogy again. Say you have a house with only one door and another house with multiple entrances. Unless you know exactly where the one entrance to the first house is, chances are you're going to find your way into the second house quicker.

Not only do multiple domains drive more traffic to your site, but having more than one domain can help you:

  •  Create ad strategies for the variety of products/services you offer (Eg:  A shoe website,, also registering,, etc.).
  •  Protect your brand by keeping your competition or hackers from creating a similar domain to yours and stealing your customers.
  •  Ensure your visitors can find you even if they make a spelling mistake. 

2. Not using your keywords

Keywords in your page titles, headers, subheaders and page content are critical to your SEO. Having keywords in your domains, as well, can help the search engines find your business and place you higher in the search rankings.

For instance, let’s say you own a sporting goods store called Dav’s Sports Shack. Because you want people who are searching for sporting goods stores to find you, you would want to use appropriate keywords in your domain, such as,,, or

3. Your domain is too long

This last one can be a little bit tricky, especially if you have a lot of competition in your field. The domain you may want might already be taken, or your business name is a bit long and you don’t have much of an alternative.

If at all possible, try to go for something short, catchy and easy to remember. You want people to remember your website and not have to spend forever typing it into the address bar. 

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