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Best Websites for Free Stock Photography

Bad and corny stock photos seem to be a plague on the internet, and getting custom photos can cost a pretty penny. But what if there were websites that offered good, free stock photos that would make your business look good rather than mediocre?

We have looked through the web to find some of the best stock photos out there and found some great free resources for your use. We do love free things.

*Note: some photos on the websites we found contained logos of other businesses. Please be mindful when making your selection. Although most of these sites hold no restrictions for photo use, we advise that you still go to their website and read through their licensing rules yourself so that you understand some of the deeper rules that come with using their work (example: not claiming that the photo was taken by you). 


Think of this as the library of all stock photos. As you go through their collection, you may start to notice that you have seen some of these photos on other sites. This is because Pexels collection is made up of thousands of curated stock photos. So if you are wanting to browse through a large selection, this is your place.

You can search by popular past searches or look up photos by typing in specific key words, like “food” or “computers.”

Usage: free of restrictions

View guidelines here:

View website:

New Old Stock

By far, one of the coolest concepts on this list. The “vintage” look is super popular, and the great thing about public domain photography is that it has few usage restrictions.

If you are wanting photos that have an aged or “old-timey” look, this is the site to go to. There are also some great building and landscape shots as well.

View guidelines here:

View website:

Death to the Stock Photo

This website has been making a name for themselves and it is hard to not love them. Created by two photographers, you can sign up to receive free monthly packages of photos taken by their handful of skilled photographers.

When you sign up, you also receive your first bonus package. And the photos are fantastic for business use. In fact, we used one as the main photo for this blog!

Death to the Stock Photo offers both free and premium services for $15 a month.

View website (guidelines are in PDF form at the bottom of the website):


It is hard to find good quality, free stock photos of landscapes that don’t look like an old Microsoft desktop wallpaper (remember those rolling green hills?). It can be even harder to find textures.

Not only is photography incredible, but it is mind blowing that it is free to use.

The only catch is that the photographer does want credit for the photos, but that is a small price to pay.

View guidelines here:

View website:


This site has just about everything you could ever want, and it is also has one of the biggest collections. You can even view photos based on popularity, trends, and views.

Whether you are looking for people, places or things, there is a good chance they have a photo you will love.

View guidelines here: 

View website:

The website has over 5,500 free photos for you to use. My favorite category on this website is the texture library, where they have some fantastic shots of different textures that would work well as backgrounds. If this isn't enough for you, website also has a fantastic Pinterest board, where you can check out even more photos and resources. And if you need a specific photo, they can take care of that for you as well.

View guidelines here:

View website:


We have been passionate about Canva for quite some time now. If you have read any of our other blogs, chances are you have heard us mention them at one point in time. If you are a client of ours, we have probably sent you to their website to create your social media graphics or create your template website's banner. 

If you haven't heard of Canva before, they are an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop platform where you can create stunning graphics for all your social media and marketing needs. And the best part is, its free to use.

So when they approached us with this resource of stock websites they had compiled, we had to share it on our website. If you still haven't found the photo you need on this list, they have put together a list of 73 awesome free stock photo resources that you can browse. All of the websites listed are fantastic, and definitely worth your time. 

View their list:

View Canva's main website:

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