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How to Create Gorgeous Graphics for Your Website (without Photoshop)

Having been a leader in the graphics and photo editing world for over 25 years, Photoshop is considered to be a go-to tool for photographers and designers.

But what if you have never used Photoshop and are on a budget? Or maybe photography and design aren’t really your thing. One of the drawbacks to Photoshop is that it becomes costly after a few months and it's another piece of software to learn.

So does that mean you have to use bad photos on your website or (shudder) use free clip art on your pages?

Thankfully, there are tons of free resources for finding and editing great photos.

1. Canva

This has been a go-to resource for all of my clients that want to resize their own website photos or create graphics. In fact, we even have it listed on our top resource links list.

Not only is it great for letting you resize images to fit your needs, but it has a fantastic template library to help you market your business with pre-sized social media, blog and print media canvases.

Best of all, it uses an easy drag-and-drop system, so it is incredibly easy to learn.

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is probably one of the most well-known web-based picture editing software programs – and for good reason. You can retouch photos by changing the exposure and colors, as well as add filters and frames. You can even add graphics and text to your images.

While most features are free, you can access more features with a membership that costs about half what Photoshop does. They have an entire library of tutorials at your disposal, even if you use it for free, so learning is a breeze.

3. Free Stock Photography

In some cases, you may want to use stock photos for a level of quality and professionalism that's difficult to achieve on your own. While some stock photos can cost quite a bit of money or look a bit too polished, there are great stock photo websites that allow you to get top-quality images for free.

To check out our list of top free stock photography websites, click here.

4. The Pattern Library

If you need patterns to put into a design or image, this website is fantastic. Pattern Library lets you scroll through tons of patterns and download with one click. 

5. GraphicBurger

This website is a personal favorite of mine, and I use it to make tons of mock ups and graphics for clients. Despite the fact that this website is more geared towards those who use Adobe creative products (almost all of the mock ups come as Photoshop files) you can also find great elements that you can use without those programs, such as fonts and stock images. If you are looking for unique, well designed graphics, GraphicBurger is the site for you.

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