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Meet Daniel!


Who is Daniel?

Daniel enjoys being active and having fun with friends. He values deep quality relationships with people where both people can be honest and vulnerable while encouraging each other to improve and grow as humans. He also has a heart for people, especially those who are hurting or lost. Daniel wants to love on everyone he come in contact with.

What does Daniel bring to the job?

Job Title: Director of Administrative Services

Job Description: He handles a lot of the non-technical business needs as well as the accounting and HR.

“I bring organization to our team and the guy who tries to make things happen. When ideas or topics are discussed, I am the one who makes sure they get done, or the person who needs to do it does it.” - Daniel Eng

More on a personal level...

Favorite quote: "It's not whether you live or die, but how you lived and what you fought for."

Question: Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? And why?

Daniel: I would rather fight 1 horse sized duck because I think it would be more of a challenge and I enjoy a good one on one tussle.

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