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Meet Max!


Who is Max?

I am a pretty nerdy guy with the typical nerdy hobbies.  I love building computers and using them for both productive and non-productive activities.  I also love cooking, coffee, and going on romantic moonlit walks with my dog, Salem. 

What does he bring to the job?

Job Title: Web Development/Design Intern

Job Description: Max helps to design, develop, and maintain client websites using WordPress. He also helps with graphic design work such as creating logos and brochures using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

More on a personal level...

What are your plans after college? I can see myself being a WordPress Developer or some type of Business Analyst role. Working in the business intelligence side of a company seems really interesting.  I graduate in December 2017 and have started applying for jobs so we will see what happens!

Favorite Movie?  Every year my girlfriend holds an "Oscar Watch-a-Thon" where the goal is to watch as many nominated films as possible, then make a bracket for each category of who we think will win.  I always lose, but the film that stands out to me after the last few years of watch-a-thons is Whiplash.  Such a great movie.


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