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Meet Nick!


Who is Nick?


Nick is a creative, curious and quick to learn kind of guy. As an engineering student, he also brings a different perspective to problems than most other individuals he works beside with computer science backgrounds. 

What does Nick bring to the job?

Job Title: Development Intern

Job Description: Nick is responsible for helping the team collaborate on projects and problem solve. He is strategic and effiecient, which is an asset to the company. 

More on a personal level...

His favorite quote is: "Everything I do will be excellent." - OSU Professor

Question: What is your dream job? 

Nick: “I want to build a career that uses my engineering skills as well as my English/Japanese bilingual ability, such as coordinating American and Japanese teams in a multinational engineering company."

Question: What is your most embarrassing moment? 

Nick: "Any time I run out of ways to pretend I remember someone's name.
The smoothest way to escape this, I have learned, is to ask "How do you spell your name, again?"


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