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Meet Sara!


Who is Sara?

Sara is a Stillwater native and an OSU alumna. While she now resides in Edmond with her husband, two sons and dog, Stillwater will always be "Home."

What does Sara bring to the job?

Job Title: Project Manager

Job Description: As project manager, I am responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation and execution of projects. 

What value do you bring to the company? 

Answer: Good organization and communication skills are imperative to do the job of a project manager well. I enjoy problem solving, critical thinking and relationship building to provide solutions for our clients and direction and support to our Juvo team. 

Question: How would you convince someone to do something they didn't want to do? 

Sara: “Rather than trying to convince someone to do a task they didn't want to do, I would instead listen to why they are resistant and help them feel heard. By listening, you demonstrate openess and respect. Most people are automaticall more willing to step outside of their comfort zone when they feel heard and respected. Creating an environment of open communication, provides the opportunity to work together to find a solution for the task at hand.”


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