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22 Tools to create the Best Web Content

Creating content for your website can be tricky. In my experience, content creation is usually what business owners are intimidated by the most when it comes to their website. And while you can always outsource your content creation, sometimes the best person to create your content is you. After all, it is your business. And who knows your business better than you?

To help get you started, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite tools to get you started. From organizing, to proofreading, to publishing, these are some of the best resources out there to help you get your website looking polished and professional.

Answer the Public - Know exactly what your audience is searching for to know how to best tap into their needs by getting a free customized report of your potential customer’s searches.

Bundlr - Similar to Pinterest, search from tons of posts, tweets and videos related to your field and save them to a bundle on your page.

Canva - The easiest way to create images for your website and social media without having to use photo editing software.

Copyscape - If you are writing original content or have a blog for your business, Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker.

Gliffy - Organize your content and plan out your website flow with easy-to-create digital flowcharts and organizational wireframes.

Grammarly - Automatically check your grammar before you publish your content.

Graphicburger - If you carry any physical products on your website, create free digital mock-ups to display on your website. You can also create mock-ups of t-shirts and branding items to give you ideas of where you can take your brand in the future.

Headline Analyzer - Sometimes the greatest obstacle to your content is your headline. Headline Analyzer grades your post heading on its clickability, helping you create the most effective headlines.

Hemingway App - Insert your content and the Hemingway App will score your text on readability and spelling errors.

Hootsuite - Organize and post all of your social media content in one place.

Issuu - Digitally publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online that you can link to your website.

KWfinder - Search hundreds of hidden keywords that can help improve your SEO.

PaperRater - Grammar, plagiarism, and spell check; Free online proofreading; Basically, it is quite a few of the tools on this list, rolled up into one.

Pexels - Search through their huge library of stock photography and videos, all completely free to use. - If you just need to resize a photo for your website banner, this website is fantastic.

PicMonkey - Similar to Canva, PicMonkey allows you to make more editing choices to your photos.

Pinterest - Need inspiration for social media content or content on your website? There are tons of sources of inspiration on here. Pinterest is also great for storing your own sources to spread inspiration to others.

Pixabay - If you are looking for high-quality stock photos, vectors and illustrations, Pixabay has over 580,000 free options to chose from.

Polldaddy - If you are looking for ways to get interaction with your audience, polls and surveys can be a great way to do that. Collect responses via your website, e-mail, iPad, Facebook, and Twitter, and learn what your customers really care about through these responses. - An online image resize, crop, rotate, grayscale, sketch and blur utility to edit your pictures, photos or images quickly online for free.

Scripted - If writing content just isn’t your thing, check out Scripted. Search from tons of writers, all with different specialities. Find writers who fit your business’s niche.

Storify - If your business uses social media, use Storify to create stories, track your campaign’s hashtags, and live blog, all in one place.

Survey Monkey - Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time.

Textbroker - If you don’t have time to grow your business with a blog, but you know how important it is to have one, commission writers at Textbroker to create articles for specific topics and needs.

Thinglink - Sometimes, it is hard to explain your product, service, or business without overwhelming your website visitor with text. Thinglink lets you tag your images with content that expands, making your layout more interesting and appealing, while still giving your audience the information that they need.

Venngage - Create gorgeous infographics to display on your website for free.

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