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Q: How do I login to my backend manager?

One you are have finalized your project with a Juvo and you have sent them your domain information, our team will send you a login and password to get into your staged website. To get to the login portal, you will enter your web address into Google Chrome's address bar, followed by "/manage"


Here you will input your Username and Password given to you when you receive your staged website. You will continue to login the same way once your website goes live, with the exception that you will use your real web address followed by "/manage."


If you have lost your username and password, or you have yet to receive your staged link, please get in contact with us.


Q. Can you put in my content for me?

With a variety of different clients, we know that many people have different situations where they either do not have the time or the ability to get into their website and edit their content. This is why we provide content populating services, where we will go in and populate your site with what you are wanting.

To find out more about content population and service costs, contact us to learn more.


Q. How do I adjust the size of my banners?

As of now, we do not have a banner editor in our back-end website managers. To edit a photo, check the size requirements for your specific website (they can be found in the banner tab where you upload your banners).

You can edit your photo size in a few free programs such as Paint (comes equipped on most Windows computers) or Gimp (download here). Our favorite option is Adobe Photoshop, which costs around $19.99 a month (download here).

For more free photo editing software, check out our resource links here.


Q. Where can I find nice pictures to put into my website?

Although we prefer getting custom photography for websites, sometimes stock photography is a just as viable route.

Check out our resource blog with links to our favorite free stock photography websites here


Q. Why does my backend manager sometimes log me out?

The backend manager will log out every hour. This is a safety mechanism that will keep unauthorized users from getting into your website. Our advice is to save your work as you go, that way you do not lose your progress if your login is timed out. This is in place for your website's protection.



Q: What do I do if I have saved changes in my backend manager but they are not showing up on the front end of my website?

There are a couple of different explanations for this.

First, if you were automatically logged out of your backend manager and did not save before, your progress may have been lost. This is why we tell our clients to save early, save often. 

If this is not the case, make sure that you do not have the "Don't Show in Menus" option checked at the top of the specific page's content editor.

Finally, check what type of page you are working with. If you are typing in content into a Page of Photo page, the content you input into the content editor will display on your specific page. However, content that is typed into the content editor of a Form page will not display on the front end of the website. That content space is reserved for you to write a reply to anyone who uses your form. The message will display after your form is sent. To edit the text of your form, you will need to click on the Edit Form button at the top of your content editor. 

If you are still having trouble seeing your content, please get in touch with us.


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