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Tutorial Videos

Welcome to our tutorial videos page. Here, we will provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to put together the basic components of your website. You can complete them on your own time and at your own page over whatever subject you need to tackle. 

Using the Files Manager

This video will show you how to upload and organize images and files in your files manager.




Navigating the Files Manager - (00:34), Creating a New Folder - (02:05), Adding New Files - (03:13), Renaming, Downloading and Deleting Files - (04:43)


Using the Content Editor

Learn about the content editor and how to add content, embed maps and videos, how to create links, and style your pages to fit your website.



Learning the Basics - (00:33), Inserting and Editing Images - (03:39), Linking an Image - (06:54), Understanding and Creating Links - (07:57), Creating E-mail and Anchor Links - (12:38), Adding a Map to Your Website - (17:14), Embedding a Video - (19:45), Creating a Table - (22:55)


Working with Banners

Learn how to add banner to your website in your backend manager, how to upload images into your banner manager, and how to link your banners to web pages.



Editing Your Banner List - (00:51), Adding New Banners - (01:08), Uploading New Images - (02:04), Adding URL Links - (03:31), Random Selecting and Deleting Banners - (05:41)


Using the Gallery Manager

Learn how to create a gallery and albums to display photos and graphics beautifully on your website.



Creating a Gallery - (00:26), Adding a New Album - (00:47), Image Editing - (01:35), Organizing Your Album - (02:56), Taking Your Albums Live - (03:29), Creating Other Galleries - (05:05)



This video is for e-commerce websites with store fronts. Learn how to add items, as well as manage those items in categories, manage orders, and run a successful business through your Juvo website.



Creating Categories and Items - (00:55), Assigning Category Images - (02:07), Adding Items Into Categories - (03:07), Inventory and SKUs - (05:53), Creating Individual Options for Items - (10:22), Adding Item Values - (11:33), Orders Tab - (13:37)

Using the Form Editor Part 1

Learn how to put together a contact form and how to add some other fields that you might need for your particular website.



Creating A Form - (01:24), Editing Your Form - (02:40), Understanding Different Field Types - (03:43)

Using the Form Editor 2 Part 2

Learn how to build a form and how to add and edit text boxes and how to customize the text boxes.



Creating Text Boxes - (01:42), Field vs. Label - (02:13), Requiring Fields - (03:35), Width Settings - (03:44), Default and Hint - (4:56), Selection Box - (6:51), Radio Buttons - (8:04), Check Boxes - (9:06), Message Box - (11:10), Creating an Email Response - (13:34)

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