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Web Development

We design websites to faithfully represent your brand, serve your visitors well, and target your key conversion goals. We craft each website from scratch. We have web designers create both the visual layout and the coded design implementation to achieve a high-quality result. Our website design process ensures your satisfaction. The final product will be something you look at and say "Yes! This represents us perfectly!"

We utilize the latest HTML and CSS features, where appropriate, and ensure that your design is sufficiently backwards-compatible. We support IE8+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

We develop intuitive and easy-to-use user experiences across all platforms using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We utilize the latest features of HTML5, CSS3, and various Javascript libraries such as Jquery without sacrificing stability or compatibility.

We place a premium on usability and great design when designing and coding web pages that you and your visitors are going to use. We believe that the design and functionality of a web page should enhance (not distract from) your content.

If you're needing a partner to develop your web application, you've come to the right place. We have yet to have a client dream something up that we couldn't create for them. We love developing standard websites, but web applications are where we are able to bring the full value of our team and framework to bare on your project.

We develop all of our websites on top of our Juvo Web Framework. Our Framework is highly modular and scalable. This means we can implement a core starting point for your project, and scale it up as things grow. Having the same developers control the Framework and your application's code eliminates limitations and extra costs typically found using other web frameworks.

We have the experience to help you find the right e-commerce solution for you, and the capabilities to execute it. We can implement a wide range of e-commerce solutions: simple payment pages, online storefronts, or even complex monthly subscription systems. We customize each solution to fit your specific needs.

We typically process credit card transactions through the payment gateway. We also support PayPal and other online payment systems.

Responsive design is a must with the variability in today's display sizes and devices.
Our team can implement your website's design using a wide range of responsive techniques.

We typically recommend the Silo approach that uses a separate layout for desktop and mobile (like the site you're on right now). The desktop would use 1K Plus where the page responds as the display grows beyond 1,000 pixels, but horizontal scrolling is used when the display is smaller than 1,000 pixels. Mobile would have a separate layout that would target only mobile phones, or optionally respond to tablet sizes.

Mobile websites are no longer optional in today's world. That's why we provide a basic mobile layout with all of our new website projects. If you need something more, we can craft a mobile design that is perfectly suited to your needs.

We approach mobile design with a separate perspective than desktop. Mobile users have different goals and needs, which demands different things from the design. The two designs need to be cohesive, yes, but we don't see mobile sites as just simpler versions of their desktop counterparts. We utilize the latest in HTML, CSS, and Javascript features to create an engaging mobile experience. We support the latest versions of iOS Safari and Android browsers.

We can connect our website software with your other services and software that provide an accessible API. We've integrated solutions with POS services, third-party databases, authentication services, payment processors, event calendars, email, and many more. Integration of services can improve your operational efficiency, eliminate human error, and create additional value from the services you already have.

Many of our clients use their websites as the central integration point between the various services they use. We provide the intuitive management tools they prefer that are accessible wherever they can get an internet connection.

All of our websites are developed using the Juvo Web Framework. We made the decision to develop our own Framework from scratch back in 2008 after reviewing the numerous platforms already available. Since then, it has been enhanced and proven across all of the diverse web projects we've created.

Our Framework offers extreme modularity, scalability, and user-friendliness. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that we are able to be your entire solution provider. We aren't limited by a third-party platform, and your website isn't dependent upon the whims and changes of the open source community.

App Development

There's still a lot of opportunity out there for iOS Apps. Our team can turn your concept into a reality. We offer the full range of services you need (UI/UX design, iOS development, testing, and deployment) to get your concept off the ground and into the App Store.

Android has become the most used mobile operating system on the market. We can turn your concept into a reality. We offer the full range of services you need (UI/UX design, native Android development, testing, and deployment) to get your app released to the public.

Our server backend services provide the necessary support that the more sophisticated Apps need. We offer APIs for a full range of App needs such as user accounts, object data storage, photos and files, third-party authentication and integration, and much more.


We host our websites on enterprise class servers that we manage. The majority of our servers are located in the central United States. Our hosting services currently only extend to websites that we develop.

We've found over the years that providing both the hosting and development for our clients' websites makes their lives much easier. If there's ever anything wrong with their website, there's only one call to make. It's also easier and quicker for us to debug issues and release fixes.

We use two different server architectures: single server and multi-server. Single server uses one server to host an entire website. It has a lower minimum price point, and scales by increasing the resources of the server. Drawbacks are that it has a single point of failure, and has an upper limit on scaling.

Multi-Server has one website being hosted across multiple servers. It can be scaled to meet nearly any traffic demand, and provides robust redundancy. Drawbacks are that it has a much higher minimum price point and setup costs.

We typically run our web applications on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). We also use other services on a per-case basis, such as: Node.js, NGINX, SOLR, Python, etc.

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